Solution cooperating with the POHODA system

Archiles, automated software, handles all demanding activities from order to putting on the accounts, payment and data recognition.
Business benefits

As part of the full document lifecycle, Archiles also integrates into economic systems POHODA, POHODA E1 and POHODA SQL, made by the company STORMWARE s.r.o.

Data extracted from Archiles

It is possible to export, either individually or in bulk, and then import it into the economic system POHODA.

Archiles cooperates with the following agenda:

  • directory
  • invoicing
  • accounting

The solution enables the export of received, received advance, issued and issued advance invoices, as well as cash receipts.

Archiles also enables

Automatic and manual assignment of account codes, which are exported together with documents and subsequently imported into the POHODA system.


Instructions on how to export data from Archiles
and import it into the POHODA system for the agenda
invoices and receipts can be found here:

Export of invoices to Invoicing
in the accounting program POHODA

Export of cash receipts
to the Cash Register in the accounting
program POHODA

Archiles and Pohoda

By combining the Archiles
and Pohoda systems, you will get

Archiles is operated as a cloud service, so you do not need to install anything, and it is enough to have a classic web browser. The data is encrypted and highly available. It is stored locally in the most modern data centres in the country where the service is provided.

Other benefits

Invoice records without manual transcription
Unified directory of partners
Automated approval by responsible persons
Access to documents anytime and anywhere
Monitoring the fulfilment of the plan already at the stage of orders
Clear display and intuitive operation
Transfer of information to accounting without duplicate data entry
Electronic archiving of documents

Have access
to your data anytime
and anywhere

There is also a mobile application available for iOS and Android devices. The application can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play.


We also provide assistance with the implementation and initial setup of the Archiles system in accordance with the integration into the POHODA system.

As part of the solution, we enable customers to customize Archiles software. Archiles trainings are, if interested, held online or physically, according to the specific customer needs.

Spracovávajte aj vy doklady jednoduchšie
a staňte sa ďalším spokojným zákazníkom

Kristína Volfová


What I appreciate about the Archiles application the most is the speed and simplicity of document processing, compatibility with multiple accounting software, clarity and access to documents whenever I need them.

Branislav Styk

Director of product
management department



Archiles effectively solves one of the main problems of accounting: manual processing of accounting documents. The product replaces lengthy handling with the documents.

Ján Fukas

Owner of the accounting firm

Berian, s.r.o.


Thanks to the Archiles service, we can efficiently get a large amount of data into the accounting system. Working with documents has become easier thanks to a clear archiving system.

Rudolf Končok

Key customers
sales manager

Slovak Telekom


Archiles significantly saves time and its innovative approach turns manual data entry into accounting into an automated process belonging to 21st century.
Accounting systems

Reference customers who use the Archiles system and integration into the POHODA economic system:

The price of the solution depends on the number of uploaded and processed documents per month, quarter or year.

The price of a monthly subscription starts at EUR 14.90 without VAT for 50 documents per month. The price per document is reduced by the size of the purchased package. 10 documents per month are available free of charge. What does the price include?

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