In Archiles, we believe that the processing of company documents and finances should be simple, clear and as automated as possible

Archiles tackles all laborious and repetitive activities from orders, controlling, categorization, data extraction, approval and pairing to bookkeeping and payment using automation and artificial intelligence.

Business benefits

Benefits for your business

Archiles brings a significant acceleration (60-90%) in the processing of accounting documents and a comprehensive insight into the economic activities of the company through automation and artificial intelligence. Explore all the benefits it can bring you.

The most beneficial

Electronic registration of accounting documents without manual rewriting into accounting

Automated approval by responsible persons

Monitoring the fulfilment of the plan already at the stage of orders and after the purchase

Transfer of information to accounting without duplicate data entry

Unified directory
of the partners

Clear display and intuitive operation

Access to documents “anytime and anywhere”

Clear information about the company’s economic activities


How to save 80% of time, costs
and speed up work with documents?

To achieve such result, we have developed Archiles, a solution that uses advanced artificial intelligence, a complete document workflow and an intuitive user interface. You will get rid of lengthy and unnecessary tasks and you will get a number of benefits for efficient work.

You will get rid of

Time-consuming and frustrating activities such as document gathering and manual transcription of data into accounting.
Registering invoices, cash receipts or delivery notes into accounting.
Paper approval of documents, creation of Word orders and budget overrun checks in Excel.
Invoice maturity tracking and searching for original documents.

On the contrary, you will get

You will get the highest percentage of data retrieved from Slovak/Czech invoices and receipts (including items) on the market. Intuitive graphical interface and comprehensive functionality that simplifies the entire process from order placement through approval, archiving, putting on the accounts to payment of received documents.

Other benefits

Automatic recognition and uploading of invoices and receipts to accounting
Remote approval of accounting documents
Automatic allocation of account codes
Electronic accounting document archiving
Creating orders and automatic matching with invoices
Immediate overview of turnover and costs
Automatic control of orders with a budget
Mobile application for taking photos, uploading and approving documents
Automatic tracking of invoice maturity
Access to data anytime and anywhere
Control of document duplication and changes in suppliers’ IBAN
High level of data security in the system
Convenient payment of all invoices

How does Archiles work?



Registration is very easy and only takes a few minutes. However, this invested time will pay off significantly and quickly through up to 5 times faster processing of accounting documents.


Upload of documents

There are several ways to upload documents. By sending via e-mail, photos from a smartphone, as well as by uploading via a scanner. However, bulk uploading of multiple documents via the website is also available.


Automatic recognition and transcription of documents

No more manual typing. Archiles automatically scans documents, recognizes characters, and puts data from your uploaded documents into accounting or ERP system.


Categorization and archiving

All your uploaded documents are then archived in the security of the software and you can categorize each document according to the type of document or your chosen criteria. Of course, the categorization can be constantly modified.


Approval of documents

You can also easily define approval processes enriched with centres, orders and activities of specific invoice or order items. Automated approval will thus cover even very complicated company scenarios.


Export to accounting and payment

With a few clicks, you can export the necessary data to your accounting system or pay for the uploaded documents.

Accounting systems

Supported accounting systems

Intuitive data view and management

However, if necessary, do not hesitate to visit our support or become our customer and get support in the form of prompt responses to requirements.


Process documents more easily
And become one of our satisfied customers

Kristína Volfová


What I appreciate about the Archiles application the most is the speed and simplicity of document processing, compatibility with multiple accounting software, clarity and access to documents whenever I need them.

Branislav Styk

Director of product
management department



Archiles effectively solves one of the main problems of accounting: manual processing of accounting documents. The product replaces lengthy handling with the documents.

Ján Fukas

Owner of the accounting firm

Berian, s.r.o.


Thanks to the Archiles service, we can efficiently get a large amount of data into the accounting system. Working with documents has become easier thanks to a clear archiving system.

Rudolf Končok

Key customers
sales manager

Slovak Telekom


Archiles significantly saves time and its innovative approach turns manual data entry into accounting into an automated process belonging to 21st century.
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