what we do

Automated data entry

Archiles significantly reduce time and cost (60% - 80%) spent on accounting. It immediately automagically recognizes and rewrites accounting and bank entries from invoices and receipts directly into your accounting system.

Improve cooperation

Archiles simplifies sharing and approving of documents between accountants, company owners and managers. It contains document life cycle. You can add tags and comments to your documents.

Data matching and exception handling

Archiles automatically detects the missing data through public registers and contact database.


Archiles increases the comprehensibility and systemization of invoices, receipts and documents in secure and intuitive archive. Accounting and business information is close at hand from anywhere and anytime using your browser.

Comfortable invoice payment

Archiles automatically adds QR codes onto every received invoice. Thanks to these QR codes, you can comfortably pay invoices using smartphone application of your bank.

EXPENSE reporting

Archiles automatically generates expense and cashflow overview from invoices and receipts.

how it works

If you do not have your documents in eletronic form, you can scan them easily via fast scanner with feeder for papers (ie. Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300), which is supplied to this solution.

Upload Document

Upload invoice, receipt or other document into Archiles.

Recognize and extract data

Archiles automatically recognize and extract important accounting and bank data.


Documents and data are stored in online archive in to various categories.

EXPORT into accounting / ERP

Data are subsequently imported into your accounting or ERP system.

Comfortable invoice payment

Fast invoice payment of received invoices via automatically generated QR codes and smartphone application of your bank.



"Archiles significantly saves time and its innovative approach changes the manual data entry to automated workflow belonging to the 21st century.”Rudolf Končok – Key Account Sales Manager (Slovak Telekom)
"Archiles efficiently solves one of the major problems of accounting: manual processing of accounting documents. The product replaces the cumbersome work with documents.”Branislav Styk – Head of Product Management (ESET)
"Thanks to Archiles, we can efficiently import large amounts of data into the accounting system. Working with documents has become easier, because of intuitive digital archive."Ján Fukas – Accounting firm Owner (Berian)


Main benefit

Effective recognition of accounting and bank information independently from graphical layout used on invoice or receipt.

Time and cost saving

Time itself is a valuable commodity in this busy world. Therefore, it is important to use it effectively and not burden ourselves with so much paperwork.

Document organization

To have the accounting documents systemized, automatically loaded without errors to the accounting database and being able to securely find any document from anywhere is very practical and fast.

Efficient access to important data

To have a good overview of the changes and updates in documents and help to save environment by storing digitized data in a central location, without a need for paper copies is very useful.

Why to use Archiles?

Simplified work with accounting and payment. Archiles saves 60% - 80% of your time and cost, which are connected to bookkeeping, accounting and invoice payment.

How does it work?
When you upload the document into Archiles, the service recognizes and automatically rewrites accounting data with the help of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology by means of loading the document into Archiles. All data from invoices, receipts, internet banking summaries and documents are saved in a secure archive, where all information  can be systematized effectively and searched quickly. Later, your data can be exported in many formats into your favorite accounting programs such as Pohoda, Kros, CAISEuro and more. 

The system undergoes penetration testing to reach the highest possible protection level.

Network security

The platform is installed behind network and security components that are able to resist malware, network attacks and distributed DDoS attacks.


Data is backed up every day to redundant RAID drives.


Data communication is encrypted.

Data center

The servers are located in Slovakia in a Tier III data center with 99.982 % availability.

  Who can benefit FROM using this service?
Main target group are accountants and accounting firms, company owners, managers, sales and employees working with business documents. General target group is SMB, accounting firms, accountants , businesses, companies, trades, foundations, associations, non-profits. Everyone has to do accounting and therefor everyone, who wants to save time & money and requires  to have accounting and business documents in order and accessible from anywhere is our potential customer.


We currently support integration into accounting software below. We are open to integrate other accounting software of your choice.